Furaha Kikibi was trained as a primary and secondaty school teacher and is now headteacher of the Kilakala Unit for the Deaf. During the Tanzatoto visits, she is actively training parents in signlanguage and total communication. She is also chairman during the parent seminars.

Pre-school teacher Felista Ruhassa was trained as a primary and secondary school teacher. She has worked for the Kilakala Unit for the Deaf in Morogoro since 2003. She is teaching the youngest deaf children at Kilakala school. She also organises workshops for parents and during Tanzatoto visits, she is actively training parents. Felista is treasuer for Tanzatoto in Morogoro.

Assistent teacher Rahim is, because of his deafness, a rolemodel for the deaf children. He makes sure that their signlanguage improves every day. He is responsable for visualisations and communicationmaterial in the classrooms. He is also a signlanguage teacher during Tanzatoto visits.

Maryam started as an assistent teacher. She is now a teacher for deaf children at Montford School for the Deaf in Morogoro. During visits from Tanzatoto she is a trainer. Maryam is because of her deafness a rolemodel for the children.

Tusa is a teacher at Montfort School for the Deaf . During seminars she is the hostess and she trains actively. Tusa is deaf and is an important role model for both children and parents.

Martha NDumbalo is briefly involved in Tanzatoto. She is head of the department of special education in Kauzeni and asked during one of the seminars if Tanzatoto also wants to support her school. She now also trains parents during seminars.

Agnes Chiwoni is head of the Kihonda school, Special Education Department . She started after Mr. Matolla went to enjoy a deserved retirement . Agnes specializes in children with intellectual disabilities she (together with Martha) can tell parents a lot about child development and dealing with children with disabilities. Agnes also participates in the seminars for parents as a trainer.

Lina Mpako finally, is head of the department for deaf children at K’ndege . She also started at Kila Kala and has now progressed to head of a department . She often has an active role in interpreting and translating gestures during the seminars.