Optimale communicatie voor het dove kind en zijn ouders

In a three-year course Tanzatoto teaches parents and children, among other things, to communicate with each other by sign language. After this course parents and children have acquired a sign vocabulary of approximately 600 signs for use in everyday circumstances. A local teacher is in charge of this course: at the moment a book with sign pictures is being developed.
In the Kilakala Unit for the Deaf in Morogoro, where Tanzatoto resides, we have organised a pre-school group for deaf children. Children are taught using the Montessori method and learn how to communicate in the Swahili sign language. The nursery class is a how-to-do model for teaching young, hearing impaired children.
Many parents worry about their children not getting the right opportunities to live a full life. In Morogoro, parents have decided to form a group meeting up once a week to discuss matters. Using music, dance and theatre they share their experiences with each other and give informative talks to other parents about deafness. Tanzatoto supports this initiative.