How can you support us financially?

Support Tanzatoto and help deaf children in Tanzania to highten their chances in life!

Being able to communicatie is key to the future prospects of deaf children.This is why Tanzatoto promotes and supports deaf children and deaf parents to communicate with eachother. Your support is invaluable to make this happen.

Because Tanzatoto is an independent organisation without government funding every donation really makes a difference.
A small amount of € 5 is already sufficient to provide a communicationkit for a deaf child. The kit contains a small slate writingpad with chalk, a book with 25 basic gestures and drawings and a notebook with a pencil and eraser. These items give a deaf child the first opportunities to get in touch with its surroundings.

€ 15 per month will provide a training for a deaf child and its family. The training lasts three years after which the family has familiarized itself with about 600 gestures; this enables them to communicate with each other in everyday situations.

€ 25 pays for a sign book to use during the herefore mentioned training and after that can be taken home to be used.

Donations are more than welcome at the following bankaccount:
ING bank 9347516
in the name of:
Stichting Tanzatoto

International payments
IBAN: NL65INGB0009347516